Tollbooth Art Centre, Kirkcudbright

The Tollbooth Art Centre, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway

The Tolbooth Art Centre is based in Kirkcudbright's 17th century Tolbooth. This served previously Burgh and Sheriff courts and the criminal and debtor's prison. One of its most famous prisoners was John Paul Jones, hero of the American Navy.

Find out about Kirkcudbright's famous artists, such as E A Hornel, Jessie M King, E A Taylor and Charles Oppenheimer in the Tolbooth's audio-visual shows "Kirkcudbright – The Artists' Town" and "Jessie M King". See their works on permanent display here, including paintings of the Tolbooth itself by the famous Scottish colourist, S J Peploe, and David Gauld, one of the 'Glasgow Boys'.