Breakfast Menu

Brookford B&B - Taste our Best committment

At Brookford we pride ourselves on providing only the finest homemade, locally or fair trade sourced food from local producers and suppliers.

100% Pure fruit juice: Orange or Apple   

Homemade Scottish porridge oats                

Cereals (granola, bran flakes or cornflakes)                    

Local ‘Rowan Glen’ fruit yogurt                         

Seasonal berry & fruit salad                      

Full Scottish Breakfast (with a choice of)

Grilled bacon          Potato scone  

Pork sausage           Haggis           

Lorne sausage         Mushrooms  

Black pudding         Tomato        

Free range eggs from local hens - how you like them           

scrambled, poached, boiled,fried

The lighter breakfast option

Scottish smoked salmon & scrambled eggs      

Brioche French toast served with bacon            

Sautéed mushrooms on your preferred toast    

Scrambled eggs on your preferred toast           

Poached eggs on your preferred toast              

Boiled egg with your preferred toast                

 All bread is homemade

 Granary or White 

Toasted or Freshly cut

Freshly brewed Scottish Tea, Fruit or Berry Tea 

Earl Grey, Chamomile, Decaf 

Fresh ground coffee cafetiere                   

Fresh ground decaf coffee cafetiere                                        

All preserves & jams are homemade,

Only local heather /clover honey provided.

Some of our Local Suppliers

Galloway Honey - supplier to Brookford B&B

Glenkens Eggs - supplier to Brookford B&B
Homemade Jams & Marmalades by Brookford B&B

Roans Dairy Products - supplier to Brookford B&B